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Tyler Ranch
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Tyler Ranch

Program Type: Psychiatric Treatment Facility
State: WA
City: Spokane
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Program Description:
Founded in 1978, the “Ranch” is actually three houses located in close proximity to each other in a quiet Spokane, Washington neighborhood. The program avoids an “institutional” feeling by providing a year-round home-style environment. Six young men occupy each house, supervised full-time by dedicated house-parents and professional counselors. We take a behavioristic approach to helping your troubled teen. Many of the behavior modification tools we use in our program come from B.F. Skinner's ideas of operant conditioning. Our fist goal at "The Ranch" is to break your child of old unwanted habits. We feel that what ever it is you want changed, we can do as long as we have enough time. With time we can demoralize them enough to a breaking point. That is the hard part and usually takes about 1-3 months. It doesn't take much effort after we take away every thing they enjoy and their parents (who they may have trusted) betray them. We confront these issues and many others. From then onward its just a matter of reinforcing your child for positive behavior, guiding them in a direction of your choice, extinguishing and baleful actions or behaviors you child had. "If you can't fix the problems at home, we can fix your son, then the problems will just go away"

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