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Hidden Lake Academy
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Hidden Lake Academy

Program Type: Boarding School
Ages: 12-17
State: GA
City: Dahlomega
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Program Description:
Hidden Lake Academy (HLA) was founded in 1994 by Leonard Buccellato, PH.D, in response to the overwhelming need for a school that would fill the existing gaps between services provided by residential treatment centers, group homes and traditional boarding schools. As a practicing psychologist and Educational Consultant for more than twenty years, Dr. Buccellato has referred his young clients for help and therefore has had ample opportunity to observe many alternative schools. This placed him in a unique position enabling him to develop the best possible program for teens that need specialized services. Many Academy students struggle with low self-esteem; they typically have experienced problems at school and at home and have no clear ideas about what the future holds for them. HLA addresses the development of the whole child: mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual. Each child is seen as inherently good, and the faculty and staff members at the Academy commit themselves to challenge and assist the child to grow and develop toward the ultimate goal of self-actualization. The nurturing atmosphere provides a total learning experience that helps each student reach his or her full potential, instilling personal values along with a more positive self-image.

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