Troubled Teens
The Oliverian School
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The Oliverian School

Program Type: Boarding School
Ages: 12-17
State: NH
City: Haverhill
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Program Description:
At The Oliverian School we are committed to working with students who have chosen to “walk to the beat of a different drummer.” Students who have found that more traditional schools are not meeting their emotional and/or academic needs, but who have made a decision to refocus and move toward building a more satisfying, healthy, and meaningful life, will find success at Oliverian. The careful articulation of our academic, adventure, and steward programs, helps students to acquire the tools necessary to succeed in a complex, intricate, and ever-changing world. They benefit from the structure, personal attention, and sense of belonging that is found in a small school setting. We encourage them to think creatively, to solve problems in a variety of different ways, and to explore their own unique, individual way of expressing themselves. In order to accomplish this we have designed a distinctive college preparatory program that leads to the acquisition of an organized body of knowledge and the development of intellectual skills (skills of learning), all leading to an enlarged understanding of ideas and values.

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