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White River Academy
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White River Academy

Program Type: Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Ages: 12 - 17
State: UT
City: Delta
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Program Description:
White River Academy is a therapeutic school which has a small environment of around 16-30 students, depending on the time of year. Students are in groups of no more than 12 students which provides for more individual involvement and assists our team of professionals to work on each students needs in a more effective manner. Service Plans are reviewed weekly by those working directly with the student and updates are made depending on how the student is progressing. Family involvement is key and important to the childís progress. We work with families to assist them in making lasting changes in their home while the child is away at school. Parents and students are brought together every 90 days so that relationships can be worked on and parents can learn how to improve the quality of their home environment. We lead by example not by force. White River Academy has an environment which is based on helping and caring along with responsibility and accountability. Consequences are natural not created. Positive moral family values are modeled not just required. High academic performance is mandatory and individual assistance is available when needed. PROGRAM OVERVIEW White River Academy begins working with a student by creating a service plan which involves all personnel working directly with the child including counselor, academic administrator, teacher, supervisor, group living supervisor, student and parent(s). The service plan provides a map of what needs to happen in assisting the youth to make lasting changes. The service plan includes where the student is starting based on the 12 problems identified by Positive Peer Culture, reasons for placement, Mental Health Goals (Substance Abuse, Coping Skills, Relationship Skills), Self-Governing Goals (Self governed Behavior, Family and Social Functioning), Physical Health Goals (Health and Hygiene Management and Improvement), and Independent Living Goals (Academic Progress, Vocational Planning, Life Management Skills). Service Plans are reviewed weekly and maintain flexible depending upon each studentís individual needs. Completion of the program is based on a student fulfilling all required levelís, achievements, trainings, service learning project, service plan and being trustworthy to return home to make long term positive decisions.

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