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Red Rock Canyon
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Red Rock Canyon

Program Type: Boarding School
Ages: 12-17
State: UT
City: St. George
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Program Description:
We believe in the worth and value of each individual teen, regardless of the nature of his or her problems. Our youth treatment center helps each struggling teen in our center to find the worth and value in themselves. The Therapy program at Red Rock Canyon School is designed to help each struggling teen identify their problem behaviors and build on their internal strengths. Red Rock Canyon School does not believe in harsh treatment to bring about change. We believe that there is a great child in each one of our client's they just need to learn how to correct the thinking errors that have brought them their recent problems. The feel of our program is as a thereaputic boarding school. Our biggest concern is to let each child feel safe and significant. Our staff promotes an environment where each teen knows they are valued. Red Rock Canyon School specializes in the following symptoms and disorders: depression, adhd, add, oppositional defiant disorder, mild eating disorders, teen suicide, behavioral issues, conduct disorders, anxiety, post tramatic stress disorder, attachment disorders, teen drug abuse, parent-child conflicts to name a few.

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