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Turn About Ranch
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Turn About Ranch

Program Type: Boarding School
State: UT
City: Escalante
Contact Info:
Email: -none listed-
Phone: 800.842.1165

Program Description:
Turn-About Ranch Troubled youth program for troubled teens is a short-term, high-impact program for troubled teens that emphasizes family values, Christian values and relationships. We take troubled youth, both boys and girls from 12 to 18 years of age. Most students stay an average of 90 days. We keep the time of stay open-ended to allow counselors and parents to decide when the teenagers are ready to come home. We are located in southern Utah canyon country and operate year-round in a dry, mild climate. Admission can be any day of the week, any time of the year. School credits are available and we also deal with substance and chemical abuse. The key ingredients of our program are the amount of time and effort the counselors spend working directly with the troubled teens, as well as the interaction between parents and staff during and after the program. Counselors are with the students 24 hours a day, not only as teachers, but also as parents and friends. Every bad attitude and manipulative behavior is dealt with directly and immediately. No smoking, drinking, tobacco, drugs, sex, or swearing is allowed. Counselors deal with problems sometimes gently and sometimes through confrontation, but always swiftly and fairly. The Turn-About Troubled Youth Program is divided into four phases:

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