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Anasazi Foundation

Program Type: Boarding School
Ages: Over 18
State: AZ
City: Mesa
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Program Description:
The mission of the ANASAZI teen wilderness program is to prepare parents and children to turn their hearts to one another and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world. The founders of ANASAZI believe the youth who come to "walk the trail" are not objects to be fixed or changed. They are, however, young people with hopes, dreams, struggles and needs who have made at-risk choices. ANASAZI wilderness program offers them an opportunity to turn and walk forward again. ANASAZI is non-punitive and staff respect the agency of each Young Walker. ANASAZI is not a behavioral modification program, "boot camp" or a lock down program for adolescents. There are no point or level systems or withholding of food or privileges, nor do the children have to "earn privileges." ANASAZI is designed to invite parents and children to experience a "change of heart."

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