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Arizona Troubled Teen Programs
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Arizona Troubled Teen Programs

n/aBlue Hills Academy12-17
n/aCopper Canyon Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aPositive Impact12-17Drug and Alcohol Treatment
n/aLife Development Institute12-17Boarding School
n/aLearning Community's Tucson Institute, The12-17other
n/aChristopher Covert CEP - Sedona Educational Associn/aEducational Consultants
n/aRusty Haynes M.S., CEPn/aEducational Consultants
1.00St. Paul's Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aPia's Place12-17other
n/aCopper Canyon Academy12 - 17Therapeutic Boarding Schools
n/aBlue Hills Academy12-17Emotional Growth
n/aRemuda Ranch Treatment Program - Adolescent12-17Eating Disorders
n/aAlan Ranch12-17Christian Boarding Schools
n/aSierra Tucsonover 18over 18
n/aBridgehouse12-17Transitional Program
n/aGatehouse for Young Adults 17-2412-17Boarding School
4.56Gatehouse Academyn/aTransitional Program
1.00Fenster School of Southern Arizona, The12-17other
n/aCeel Kenny CEP - Sedona Educational Associates, LLn/aEducational Consultants
5.00Remuda Ranch12-17Boarding School
n/aMingus Mountain Estate Residential Center, Inc.12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aSusan Trueblood M.Ed. - Educational OptionsEducational Consultants
n/aTransporteens12 - 17Transportation Services
5.00Capstone Treatment Center12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aRemuda LIFE Program12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aKenneth Davis, MA CTRSn/aEducational Consultants
n/aSaint Paul's Preparatory Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aBehavioral and Mental Health Services and Special12-17other
5.00VisionQuest12-17Residential Treatment Center
1.75Copper Canyon Academy12-17Boarding School
3.00Cottonwood de Tucson12-17Drug and Alcohol Treatment
1.00Anasazi Foundationover 18over 18
1.00Oak Creek Ranch School12-17Boarding School
3.00Life Development Institute12-17other
n/aJudge Mason Educational Consultant12-17Boarding School
n/aParc Place12-17Residential Treatment Center
3.18Anasazi FoundationOver 18Boarding School
n/aProgress Valley - Phoenix12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aGatehouse12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aRemuda Ranch Treatment Programs - Adult12-17Residential Treatment Center
3.00Anasazi Foundation12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aSpring Ridge Academy12-17Therapeutic Boarding Schools

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Arizona Troubled Teen Programs
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