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Utah Troubled Teen Programs
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Utah Troubled Teen Programs

Falcon Ridge Ranch12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
n/aLife-Line, Inc.12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aMountain Homes Youth Ranch12 - 17Wilderness Programs
n/aPine Ridge Academy12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
1.00Cedar Ridge12-17Boarding School
n/aCenter for Change12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aCono Christian School12-17Christian Boarding Schools
n/aRed Rock Canyon School12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aWilderness Quest - Adolescent12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aCenter for Change12-17Eating Disorders
5.00Telos Residential Treatment12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aTransporteens12 - 17Transportation Services
n/aCentro por la Familiaunder 12Teen Training Program
2.57Cross Creek Manor12-17Boarding School
n/aIntegrity House12-17Residential Treatment Center
1.00Gateway Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00RedCliff Ascent12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aYouth Transportation Servicesn/aTransportation Services
n/aUtah Boys Ranch12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00Passages To Recoveryover 18over 18
n/aWhite River Academy12 - 17Therapeutic Boarding Schools
5.00Liahona Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aMoonridge Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aKolob Canyon12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aSkyline Journey12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aTop Flight Academy Youth Treatment Program12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aEntrada Wilderness Program12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aThe Oakley School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment12 - 17Psychiatric Treatment Facility
n/aOakley School12-17Boarding School
1.00Cedar Ridge Academy/Cedar Ridge RTC12-17Boarding School
n/aLotts12-17Boarding School
n/aSorenson Ranch School Inc.12-17other
n/aTEEN VISION - Teen Training Program12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aPassages To Recovery12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aWodland Hills Academy12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
n/aSunHawk Adolescent Recovery Centerover 18Residential Treatment Center
3.57SunHawk Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aAlternative Youth Adventures of Utah12-17other
n/aNew Haven12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00Turn-About Ranch12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aHigh Top Ranch School12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00Turnabout/Stillwater Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aWilderness Quest12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aMountain Homes Youth Ranch12 - 17Wilderness Programs
n/aOakley School12 - 17College Preparatory
3.75Youth Care Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aCinnamon Hills12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00Provo Canyon School12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00Walkabout Therapeutic Expeditions12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aCOPPER HILLS YOUTH CENTER12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aYouthtrack12-17Drug and Alcohol Treatment
n/aTransporteens12 - 17Transportation Services
n/aAspen Achievement Academy12 - 17Wilderness Programs
4.00Aspen Ranch12-17
n/aDistant Drums12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aExtended Family Life Skills Program12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aRed Rock Springs Observation and Assessment Facili12-17other
n/aYouth Care Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aU.S. Transport Servicen/aTransportation Services
n/aIntegrity House12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
n/aCertified Teen Help Organizationn/aSocial Service Agencies
2.75Island View12-17Boarding School
n/aWest Ridge Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aIsland View Residential Treatment Center12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aSecond Nature12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aZion's High Top Academy12-17other
1.00Alpine Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aRed Rock Canyon School12-17Residential Treatment Center
3.00New Haven12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Academy at Cedar Mountain12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aLogan River Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aSojourn Wilderness Program12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aTEEN VISION - Teen Training Program12-17Drug and Alcohol Treatment
n/aTurning Point at Granita Park12-17Residential Treatment Center
5.00USA Guides - Youth Transport Services12 - 17Transportation Services
n/aIsland View 12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
1.00Red Rock Canyon12-17Boarding School
n/aAlaska Wilderness Academy12-17Emotional Growth
n/aMountain Crest Young Adult Program12-17other
4.50Timpanogos Family Services12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
n/aHarmony Institute Training Centerover 18over 18
n/aSorenson's Ranch12-17Therapeutic Boarding Schools
4.50Second Nature12-17Wilderness Programs
1.00Turn-About Ranch12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
1.73Utah Boys Ranch12-17Boarding School
n/aCedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center12-17other
n/aPine Ridge Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aVista12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aCoronado Academy - Costa Rica12-17Boarding School
n/aOutback12-17Wilderness Programs
3.00Youth Care12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aTeen Escort12 - 17Transportation Services
n/aPassages To Recoveryover 18Wilderness Programs
4.00Academy at Cedar Mountain12-17
4.83Diamond Ranch Academy12 - 17Boarding School
5.00Discovery Academy12-17Therapeutic Boarding Schools
1.00Red Rock Ranch Academy12-17other
n/aWilderness Quest - Young Adultover 18over 18
n/aAcademy at Cedar Mountain12-17Boarding School
5.00Liahona Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
3.00Key Point Academy12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
4.00Discovery Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aKolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center12-17Boarding School
n/aHigh Peaks12-17other
n/aSaratoga Springs Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aYouthtrak - Utah12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aUtah Youth Village12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aThe Harmony Teen Vision Training12-17Teen Training Program
5.00Eagle Valley Youth RanchResidential Treatment Center
2.83Majestic RanchUnder 12Boarding School
n/aLa Europa Academy12-17Boarding School
5.00Linden House, Inc.12-17Boarding School
n/aSkyline Journey12-17Wilderness Programs
n/aTEEN VISION - Teen Training Program12-17Boarding School
1.00Aspen Ranch12-17Boarding School
n/aTurn-About Ranch12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aAspen Ranch12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
n/aProvo Canyon12-17Boarding School
4.56Tushkahoma Life Skills Adventuresover 18over 18
n/aMoonridge Academy12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aStepping-Stone Mentoring Service Life-Skills Progr12-17other
n/aTEEN VISION - Teen Training Program12-17Wilderness Programs
5.00Redcliff Ascentover 18
n/aFuture Expectations Today12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aYouth Care Inc.12 - 17Residential Treatment Center
3.67Turn About RanchBoarding School
n/aBirdseye Boys Ranch12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aOakley School12-17Boarding School
n/aTurning Point at Granita Park12-17Residential Treatment Center
3.67Heritage Schools12-17Residential Treatment Center
n/aVista, RTC12-17Residential Treatment Center

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Utah Troubled Teen Programs
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