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Boarding School Programs, Troubled Teens
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Boarding School Programs, Troubled Teens

2.75Island View12-17Boarding School
n/aPine Ridge School12-17Boarding School
1.00Tranquility Bay12-17Boarding School
1.00Cedar Ridge Academy/Cedar Ridge RTC12-17Boarding School
n/aHunter School12-17Boarding School
n/aStonesoup School12-17Boarding School
n/aFulshear Ranch Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aDenver Academy12-17Boarding School
5.00Mount Carmel Youth Ranch12 - 17Boarding School
1.00Cedar Ridge12-17Boarding School
5.00Liahona Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Ranch House12-17Boarding School
1.73Utah Boys Ranch12-17Boarding School
4.00ABM Family Preparatory12-17Boarding School
5.00John Dewey Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aWoodhall School, The12-17Boarding School
n/aGrand River Academy12-17Boarding School
1.00Aspen Ranch12-17Boarding School
n/aSoutheast Journeys12 - 17Boarding School
3.00CEDU High School12-17Boarding School
n/aMonarch School12-17Boarding School
1.80Rocky Mountain Academy12-17Boarding School
3.18Anasazi FoundationOver 18Boarding School
n/aBridgton Academy12-17Boarding School
5.00Linden House, Inc.12-17Boarding School
n/aCoronado Academy - Costa Rica12-17Boarding School
3.67Camden Military Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aHill Country Place12-17Boarding School
1.75Copper Canyon Academy12-17Boarding School
3.33Nawa Academy12-17Boarding School
2.86Spring Creek Lodge12-17Boarding School
4.83Diamond Ranch Academy12 - 17Boarding School
n/aCrater Lake School12-17Boarding School
5.00New Leaf Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aAcademy at Cedar Mountain12-17Boarding School
n/aArmy and Navy Academy12-17Boarding School
3.00Summit Preparatory School12-17Boarding School
4.00Discovery Academy12-17Boarding School
2.00Explorations12-17Boarding School
4.50New Leaf Academy12-17Boarding School
1.00St. Paul's Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aMount Bachelor Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aExcel Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aSaint Paul's Preparatory Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aBerkshire School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Gow School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Oliverian School12-17Boarding School
n/aIdaho Youth Ranch12-17Boarding School
n/aOakley School12-17Boarding School
n/aTilton School†12-17Boarding School
1.28Alldredge Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aHampshire Country School12-17Boarding School
n/aStone Mountain School12 - 17Boarding School
5.00Academy of the Sierras12-17Boarding School
n/aEagle Hill School12-17Boarding School
n/aTeen Challenge Kansas City Girls Academy12 - 17Boarding School
n/aThe Learning Clinic12-17Boarding School
n/aProvo Canyon12-17Boarding School
3.78Turning Winds12-17Boarding School
3.67Turning Winds12-17Boarding School
n/aHyde School - Maine12-17Boarding School
5.00Victory Forge Military Aacdemy12 - 17Boarding School
n/aWisdom Ranch School12-17Boarding School
4.00Assets School12-17Boarding School
n/aNortel Repair ORANGE COUNTYBoarding School
5.00The Cedars Academy12-17Boarding School
2.22Majestic RanchUnder 12Boarding School
5.00Remuda Ranch12-17Boarding School
1.00Intermountain Children's HomeUnder 12Boarding School
3.00Accelerated Schools12-17Boarding School
n/aLinden Hall School12-17Boarding School
n/aTEEN VISION - Teen Training Program12-17Boarding School
n/aGeorgetown Preparatory School12-17Boarding School
n/aJudge Mason Educational Consultant12-17Boarding School
7064091.55Cloister Creek12-17Boarding School
5.00Mount Bachelor Academy12-17Boarding School
4.00Shamrock Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aColorado Timberline Academy12-17Boarding School
4.00Coral Reef Academy, A Better Way Co. Ltd.12-17Boarding School
n/aMace-Kingsley Ranch School12-17Boarding School
n/aAuldern Academy12-17Boarding School
1.00Avon Old Farms School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Frederic L. Chamberlain School12-17Boarding School
2.57Cross Creek Manor12-17Boarding School
5.00Excel Academy12-17Boarding School
3.00New Haven12-17Boarding School
4.25Stone Mountain12-17Boarding School
n/aLa Europa Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aDeSisto School, The12-17Boarding School
n/aRobert Land Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Bolles School12-17Boarding School
5.00Shortridge Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Oakley School12-17Boarding School
3.00Hidden Lake Academy12-17Boarding School
1.00Oak Creek Ranch School12-17Boarding School
3.00Three Springs12-17Boarding School
n/aBailie Memorial Youth Ranch12-17Boarding School
n/aFour Seasons Alternative School12-17Boarding School
n/aShamrock Educational Alternative12-17Boarding School
3.00Bement School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Forman School12-17Boarding School
n/aTrinity Teen Solutions, Inc12 - 17Boarding School
n/aKing George School12-17Boarding School
n/aPositive Impact12-17Boarding School
3.67Turn About RanchBoarding School
n/aEuropean Youth Academy12-17Boarding School
5.00Hyde School - Connecticut12-17Boarding School
n/aTimber Ridge School12-17Boarding School
n/aCold Spring Academy12-17Boarding School
5.00Balboa City School12-17Boarding School
n/aHyde School12 - 17Boarding School
n/aThe Birkshire Center12-17Boarding School
n/aLife Development Institute12-17Boarding School
1.00Red Rock Canyon12-17Boarding School
3.75Youth Care Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aAcademy at Swift River12-17Boarding School
n/aKing George School12-17Boarding School
n/aGatehouse for Young Adults 17-2412-17Boarding School
n/aChrist Church School12-17Boarding School
n/aAmerican Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aAnalysis Essay TopicsBoarding School
n/aChapel Haven12-17Boarding School
2.33Montana Academy12-17Boarding School
3.00Safe Harbor Boys Program12-17Boarding School
n/aAcademy at Sisters12-17Boarding School
n/aBrush Ranch School12-17Boarding School
n/aLotts12-17Boarding School
n/aBridges Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aBlue Ridge School12-17Boarding School
n/aAcademy of the Sacred Heart12-17Boarding School
3.00Coronado Academy12-17Boarding School
3.00Discovery School of Virginia12-17Boarding School
n/aNew Hampton School12-17Boarding School
1.00Squaw Valley Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aKolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center12-17Boarding School
n/aDeck House School, The12-17Boarding School
n/aOakley School12-17Boarding School
n/aCollege Admissions Consultants, Inc.12-17Boarding School
n/aPine Ridge School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Hunter School12-17Boarding School
4.84The Family Foundation School12 - 17Boarding School
2.00Northwest Academy12-17Boarding School
3.57SunHawk Academy12-17Boarding School
1.00El Pueblo Boys and Girls RanchBoarding School
3.00The Family Foundation School12-17Boarding School
n/aSaratoga Springs Academy12-17Boarding School
n/aBen Lippen School12-17Boarding School
n/aLandmark School12-17Boarding School
n/aThe Vanguard School12-17Boarding School

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