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Troubled Teen Military Schools - Article

For this article, we will look into a typical military school for troubled teens. Once again, this is not to be confused with a "military school." The biggest misconception I have seen from parents and teens alike, is due to the dual meaning of "military school," and how the term is used to loosely.

This site, as well as this article, deal with military schools for troubled teens. These are more correctly referred to as military programs, because a military school is an academy where students will attend to have a more structured learning environment, and who plan on possibly making a career out of the military.

Military Programs for troubled teens are very different. They are not so much geared towards education, as they are geared toward correcting defiant behavior. Military schools are some of the more popular chosen programs, due to the nature of the program. They consist of a very structured environment, where teens will first and foremost learn obedience, respect, discipline, and become physically fit.

Education plays an important role in troubled teen military schools as in every program, however the emphasis is not placed thereon. Troubled teen military schools are long term programs, typically lasting around one year, however longer stays are often necessitated.

Strict dieting, daily exercise, and many leadership skills are learned in these environments. Typical symptoms of students who are in these programs may include: defiant, lack of respect for authority, lack of motivation, care-free attitude, violent, dominating, and little self respect. Click here for more Troubled Teen symptoms.

Here are some of the pros for a Military School for Troubled Teens:

  • Strict/Structured environment
  • Teens will become physically fit
  • Respect for authority strongly emphasized
  • Many leadership skills gained

  • Here are few cons:
  • Education is not the top priority
  • Typically boy only programs (co-ed/girl programs do exist)
  • Age requirements usually began at age 14

A military program for troubled teens is what most of the troubled teens today need to go through. Most aren't having severe depression, suicidal, or mental disorders. This program will facilitate most of the problems facing teens today.

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