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Summer Camps for Troubled Teens - Article

As school ends for the year, every parent wishes to have there teen somewhere structured for the summer months. Somewhere where they won't be able to get into trouble. In this article, we will outline what summer programs are all about, and if it is right for your teen.

A summer program is just that, a short term program. Typical programs will last one, two or three months. There is a big difference between a "summer camp" and a "troubled teen summer camp," and parents should not be confused between the two. This website will deal primarily with troubled teen summer programs, where the idea isn't so much "fun and games," but "rules and regulations."

There are many types of short term programs. The most common are more military/boot camp style programs. Teens will experience a mock boot-camp, similar to what cadets in the military go through. These programs are geared towards teaching teenagers self-respect and respect for authority. Whether that person be a drill sergeant, a teacher, a parent, or friend.

    Some of the pro's of a short term summer camp are as follows:
  • During the summer - Teens do not have to be taken out of school to attend
  • Cost will be less, due to the short nature of the program
  • Excellent for teens who are not to "severe," but need more structure
  • Age requirements are less restrictive

  • Some of the Cons may include:
  • A relapse in defiant behavior is more likely
  • Teens who are suicidal, bi-polar, self destructive, etc. may not qualify.
  • Less professional counseling/group work help

If your teen is not "too bad," and simply needs a lesson on respect, and dedication, I would recommend a troubled teen boot camp".

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