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Troubled Teen Treatment - Article

Many parents know they have a troubled teen on there hands, as these warning signs will help tell. The question many parents have is "What do I do!" or "what are my options?"

In this article we will briefly discuss what a parent can do, both at home, and outside treatment to help a troubled teen.

There are many forms of treatment for troubled teens. The most basic must begin in the home. If your teen is becoming more defiant, you first need to take a look at the rules you have laid down for him/her, and consider revising. The most common mistake parents make, isn't the making of the rules, it is the enforcing of the rules they make.

Our teens are very smart, lets face it. When we make rules, and don't follow them ourselves, or do not follow through with the consequences of breaking the rules, our teens will immediately realize that they can do what they please, and it really wont matter. When a rule is made, adhere to it. The penalty MUST be paid. Upon breaking a rule, and actually receiving the punishment for the act, a teen is 100 times less likely to do it again. An entire book could be written on things that parents can do at home to help there troubled teens, but for this article I believe the above statement sums it all up.

Secondly, you as parents should realize that teens ARE going to make mistakes. You don't have to be mad at them, rather be disappointed in them. Teens will react negatively when they think there parents are mad. They are more likely to rebel, and relapse in the same behavior. However, when a teen believes, and knows they have let there friends, parents and family down, this is where the work begins on there hearts, and they will become more likely to follow the rules. Teens are looking for approval, from friends and family alike. They want to impress you and show you they can succeed.

Obviously not all teens are alike, and even though you may be doing all the right things at home, all teens will not respond, and correct erroneous behavior. This is when outside prevention must be used. Start with counseling, then move toward alternatives such as residential treatment facilities.

In many of the articles found in this section, one can learn of different types of troubled teen treatment alternatives. Browse through a few articles to get the feel of what programs offer, and what might be best for your teen. The best rule of thumb before choosing a program, is to speak with the program itself. Take a visit of the facilities if possible before placing your son/daughter in one. The more you know about a program the better the outcome will be.

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